• Interactive light wall for Adobe

  • “Bond” Device Case for Bonfire Lab and Salesforce

  • Scarlet Four Forty Guitar

  • Custom Bike Rack for Timbuk2

  • Looma Lamp

  • Strata Stool

  • Flatpack Animation Station for Steve & Kate's Camp

  • Teen Makerspace Collection for the Palo Alto public library

  • Voronoi Bookshelf - Interactive Design

  • V Lamp

  • Marble Board for Steve & Kate's Camp

  • Looma Lamp

  • The StampMobile: A mobile, interactive kinetic sculpture

  • Custom Bay Window seat for Tom & Lizzy

  • Serving Platters for Gastronaut

  • H Lamp

HERO is a small-batch product design studio for experience geeks.

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