Swooping in to make great events and spaces even more engaging

HERO designs and builds interactive exhibits and custom products for events and creative spaces.

Why hire us?

1. You want to create a one-of-a-kind, interactive physical experience.

Making an interactive object that actually works in the physical world is hard to do on CAD alone. For example, 20/1000th of an inch can stall a project whose designer didn’t factor that plywood is never exactly one-half-inch thick. Must you choose between the cool design you love, and the practical option you don’t? We present door #3: A cool design you love, that also meets your constraints—timing, materials, even budget. The designer is also the builder. Meet Alan Rorie, PhD

2. Custom objects to inspire customers and employees.

The products of ten years ago were designed by large companies to appeal to large audiences. Your business is for your people. Products give them an unforgettable experience. Modern manufacturing tools let you do small production runs of your product. We use contemporary fabrication methods and tools like computers, plasma, lasers, robots, water-jets, 3-D printing and casting, and good old-fashioned files, welders, screws and hammers. Our designs are flexible and scalable, so you can have 1 or 100. Learn more.

3. Not instant gratification, but pretty close.

No one wants to spend 6 months refining computer renderings and generating endless rounds of concepts. Within weeks, you’ll get the best concepts that are ready to prototype. Within weeks to months, we’ll refine into a finished product. Take what you imagine. Now, imagine that, but better. Read about the process.

4. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re local. 

We also welcome visitors from distant lands, whether in person or by videoconference. See how it works.

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