CNC Router Service

This CNC router will cut just about anything—even dinosaurs. 

(As long as the dinosaurs are made of bamboo, hardwood, aluminum, plywood, acrylic, or foam.)

We’ll give you the real-life parts for your CAD drawing or back-of-the-napkin sketch.

Your parts can be as big & as irregularly shaped as dinosaurs, or as small & structured as gears, from 2D to 3D.

How it works:

1. Send your sketch, CAD drawing, or plan through the form. You can also email alan [at] Drawings are better than descriptions. If needed, we can guide you in preparing your files. Formats we love: .DXF .DWG .PDF .AI .EPS .STL .OBJ .VRML .JPG .GIF. More than one file? Create a .zip file and upload that!

2. You’ll quickly get a custom estimate. If we see an opportunity for you to save time or materials, or something is not clear, we’ll ask a clarifying question or make a recommendation.

3. Pick up from our Oakland studio. Delivery also available to San Francisco, Oakland, the California Bay area, or anywhere else in the United States.

Why bring us your project?

This CNC router is your project’s best friend. Here’s why:

  • DESIGNER ON CALL. If, at some point, you realize this is turning into something more, and you’d like a designer’s brain applied, we’re ready. Read about our design and build services.
  • GREAT SCALE WITH GREAT PRECISION. This machine can handle sizes of up to 4’x8’. No giant assembly lines required.  No waiting until you need to make 300. And, of course, you didn’t need to buy a $25,000 CNC router before you could make your design real.
  • SMALL-BATCH- & MAKER-FRIENDLY. Making a bed for your pet giraffe? Only need a few? You no longer need a complete shop to become a small-batch maker. With a small set-up fee, your dreams can become real.
  • SAN FRANCISCO- & OAKLAND-BASED. If you’re based in San Francisco, Oakland, or anywhere else in the California Bay Area, you can pick it up yourself. Delivery is also available.

We can cut:

  • Plywood
  • Hardwoods
  • Plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Foams


File Formats:

  • .DXF .DWG
  • .PDF .AI .EPS
  • .JPG .GIF


Any tips for preparing files?

Yes! Thanks for asking:

  1. Units in inches please.
  2. Please try to provide files at the scale you want cut.
  3. Let us “nest” your parts. If you need them nested in a special way, let us know.
  4. If you are sending us anything with lettering on it, be sure the center of letters like “B” and “P” do not fall out when cut. Think of a stencil.
  5. Be sure your vectors are closed and you’re meshes are “tight.”
  6. The router cuts with a round bit, so we can not produce tight internal corners. They must either have a “dog-bone” over cut or a radius. We can help you understand this if you’re not sure.

Need help with your design or preparing your files? Hero offers a wide range of design services, including CAD. Learn more.

Wait! Is there anything this CNC router can’t cut?

Yes! Hard metals like steel and stainless steel. Titanium. Diamonds. And super thin stuff like paper. (A laser cutter is best for that.) Actual dinosaurs.

Our CNC router cuts amazingly accurate 2D & 3D shapes out of all kinds of materials. It’s eager to please, and ready for you to put it work.

How do you calculate the cost?

When you send your project details, you’ll receive an estimate based on two factors:

1. Your part’s complexity and size. Smaller, intricate parts with twisty curves take longer to cut than larger, simpler shapes. Since you pay for how long it takes to cut your part, a more complex part means a higher fee.

2. Volume. A larger job that burns through multiple cutting bits will cost more than a smaller job in which only one cutting bit is used. Also, if your job is big it’s going to create a lot of waste which does not magically disappear.

3. Programming. Even though it’s a robot cutting your part we still need to program the robot so it does a great job. Complex parts often take significant time to program and this time adds to the cost.

If we see a way you could save time & materials, we’ll recommend it.

Do I need to provide materials, or can you get them for me?

If you already have materials, you can arrange a time to drop them off at our studio in West Oakland. We can also order and procure them for you, for a fee.


Maximum size 25MB

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