Generative Voronoi Bookshelf

This is a work in progress, all code is considered beta and likely has bugs.

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What is this?

  • This is a prototype. An experiment in generative, collaborative design.
  • The prototype consists of two parts: a generator and an object.
  • The generator is a piece of software that designs the object.
  • The object is a bookshelf based on a Voronoi Diagram. (I pronounce it vo-ro-NOY)

So what is generative, collaborative design?

When think of a design, we typically imagine marks on paper (or a screen) specifying what the object is. Instead, imagine we use a set of rules, or a process (i.e. an algorithm) to generate the design. Following these rules can produce the same object each time, or the rules can include variations, interactions and randomness. Once you open the design to these other factors, it naturally invites others to influence, or collaborate, on the design.

The natural next step is to put the software managing the generation and interaction on the Internet.

The confluence of digital fabrication and the Internet opens wonderful new design spaces. As a designer, a fabricator, and coder, and someone who loves creating experiences, I’m drawn to the ability to offer spaces where the designer, the participant and the object interact. I love the idea of designing experiences and systems for people to create and influence objects, rather than simply creating the objects themselves. My long-term goal is to use these generative, online, and collaborative design experiences to connect people with the objects in new and personal ways. The internet allows us to incorporate elements of narrative, game and play into designs. These elements will deepen our connections to our objects, and generate innovative designs.

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