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You’ve got a CAD model and you’re ready to exported my parts as either a .dxt or .stl file. Chances are your parts can be fully described by a 2D .dxf file with basic anotations. However, if your part has 3D countor curves you should probably send us a 3D .stl file. You cant go wrong by sending us both.


  1. Units in inches only please.
  2. Provide to part drawing as you want it to be. Do not provide “tool path” lines.
  3. Please provide files at the scale you want cut (1:1).
  4. If you’ve exported at 1:1 we only need one or two measurements called out to be sure we are at the right scale. Do not dimension every feature.
  5. Use layers.
  6. Specify which vectors (lines) represent pocket (recess) cuts and how deep they should be. And put similar features on their own layers.
  7. Let us “nest” your parts. If you need them nested in a special way, let us know.
  8. If you are sending us anything with lettering on it, be sure the center of letters like “B” and “P” do not fall out when cut. Think of a stencil.
  9. Be sure your vectors are closed and you’re meshes are “tight.”
  10. The router cuts with a round bit, so we can not produce sharp internal corners. They must either have a “dog-bone” over cut or a radius. We can help you understand this if you’re not sure.
  11. Please check your file after you’ve exported it by opening it yourself an insuring it’s properly formatted.

How do you calculate the cost?
When you send your project details, you’ll receive an estimate based on some of these factors:

  1. Your part’s complexity and size. Smaller, intricate parts with twisty curves take longer to cut than larger, simpler shapes. Since you pay for how long it takes to cut your part, a more complex part means a higher fee.
  2. Volume. A larger job that burns through multiple cutting bits will cost more than a smaller job in which only one cutting bit is used. Also, if your job is big it’s going to create a lot of waste which does not magically disappear.
  3. Programming. Even though it’s a robot cutting your part we still need to program the robot so it does a great job. Complex parts often take significant time to program and this time adds to the cost.

Do I need to provide materials, or can you get them for me?
If you already have materials, and we’ve approved them, you can arrange a time to drop them off at our studio in West Oakland. We can also order and procure them for you, for a fee.