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Custom Design

Is it possible? Yes. Will you get all the credit if it ends up even cooler than you imagined? Yes. When can we get started? Yes.

HERO designs and builds interactive physical experiences–from custom-branded products to epic installations. Our interactive exhibits inspire meaningful interactions at events, turning observers into innovators. Our products are designed to efficiently scale to multiple sites. Many of our clients, from Google to Salesforce to Adobe, work at the intersection of design, education, and technology. We also regularly collaborate with architects and interior designers to design custom objects for manufacturability.  

How can we make your amazing idea even more amazing? Request a phone call and brief mind meld.


A Rigorous Method for Excellence:

  • Design meeting. You bring us your half-baked (or moderately-baked) vision. We ask about the experience you imagine people having with your product. What problems do you want it to solve? What’s the aesthetic? The balance between form and function?
  • Concept. We create an initial concept in the form of a 3D model.
  • Iterations. We discuss and iterate. We get as far as we can with 2D drawings & 3D computer models. You approve a direction.
  • Prototype. Once the concept is approved, we build the prototype. When we’re ready to commit to that, we build more prototypes.
  • Production. Presto. Whether you need just one or one thousand, our build shop springs into action. We’ll do a small limited run first. Then, if appropriate, we commit even more work on a larger run.
  • Launch. You get your product in the right hands. People thank you profusely.

Design and Build

  • Drop files here or
    You can upload pictures and files related to your project here.
  • The total budget for your project, including materials.
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iPad Mini Stop-Motion Animation Stations

Google Whiteboard

Mashup Board


Strata Stool

Adobe girl croped

Children’s Creativity


Chain Reaction


Impact Hub


Bond Case


Looma Penumbra