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Design we love: Vorwaertz 3d printed lugs

Lugs are my favorite part of a bike. If I were more of a bike geek (hell, if I were a bike geek at all) I’d want to build my own bike, ans sure ‘nuf I’d want to 3D print my lugs. And the carbon fiber tubes … yeah, I dig them.
Another great example of how contemporary fabrications allows for mass customization.

VRZ 1. is a track bike frame with 3d printed stainless steel lugs glued together with carbon fiber tubes.

this method allows to build custom frames in a short period of time.
you could change the geometry to what ever you like, then the lugs gets generated by a software.
now we just need to print the parts finish them and glue the frame together.

The fork is 480 g and the frame weight is 1100 g (for stainless-Carbon Frame)! if we print the lugs in titanium, it will get even lighter.
The printed lugs could also be used with steel or titan tubes!

<via Ponoko>

Alan Rorie

Alan Rorie


Dr. Alan Rorie is a designer, artist and scientist whose work focuses on the intersection between science, art and education. Alan received a Ph.D in Neuroscience from Stanford University. He has also been fellow at The Exploratorium, and a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health and New York University.

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